The nursery has 3 play rooms, which are loosely age based and 1 additional one that supports the learning of the older children. These age ranges are flexible and children are transferred only when they are considered ready to do so.

Our children love our rooms - Busy Bees Room, Ladybird Room, Butterfly Room, and Caterpillar Room!



All main meals and snacks are prepared on the premises and so we cater for all alternative diets. We offer 2 cycles of menus which are regularly reviewed. Our cook works with parents of babies who are weaning or children who have restricted diets to ensure their requirements are met.



We have a large garden with a canopied area that allows our children to enjoy large bursts of outside play in all weathers. We recognise that many children learn most effectively whilst enjoying experiences on a large scale and the benefits of outside play support the children’s overall health.



The nursery offers a wide choice of resources that include commercial, sensory and heuristic materials, which meet the differing learning styles and intentions of all the children and staff.

Childcare Vouchers Welcome!